I just reorganized the way this site is presented, and also it’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything here at all, so I thought, for the sake of the approximately twelve people who will ever read this, that I should explain what’s happening.

Most of the content here so far has consisted of long articles about math, and that’s probably going to continue to be true. But I’d also like to leave myself the option of also making shorter, blog-style posts that are less polished and permanent. So, from now on, the front page of this site is a blog and not a list of articles. I’ve made a separate list of articles that’s accessible from the navigation bar at the top, and the pages that used to house the articles I’ve already written have been retroactively converted into blog posts announcing where the article can be found.

As far as new articles go, right now I’m nearly done with a new article for the physics series about connections and, since I’ve recently left my job, I plan to also produce some more pieces aimed at a wider audience, but nothing more specific than that has been worked out yet.