I offer tutoring services in math, specializing in adults and proof-based mathematics. This includes both students who would like to learn how proof-based math works for the first time and those who already feel comfortable with proofs and would like to explore some particular field in depth.

I have a Ph.D. in math and have published research in both math and machine learning. I’m happy to work with students interested in anything up through graduate-level material, including analysis, abstract algebra, topology, combinatorics, differential and algebraic geometry, and more.


The format is flexible and open to discussion, but what I’ve been doing with my current students is like taking a class in which you are the only student. We meet for one hour by video chat every week; in between meetings I assign some reading and problems, the students send their work to me, and I respond with written comments on each one. The meetings are spent going over any points of confusion, and take the form of a conversation rather than a lecture.


The rate I charge depends on the exact format we decide on and the situation and background of the student. I am willing to lower the rate based on a student’s ability to pay. Also, while none of my students have worked with me on material from a class they are taking with someone else, this is something I’m open to in principle and it would certainly cost less than my usual format. Many of my students have employers who reimburse them for some portion of their educational expenses; this is especially common in the tech industry, and I recommend looking into this if you think you might be in the same situation.


If you think you might be interested in working with me, feel free to reach out by e-mail and we can schedule a time to talk. You can reach me at njmford at gmail dot com or by clicking the envelope icon at the top of the page.