Just under the wire to get it out in 2020, I’ve posted another new article in the physics for mathematicians series about Feynman’s path integral formulation of quantum mechanics. As always, just because one of these pieces has gone up that doesn’t mean I’m not still interested in making improvements, so let me know if you have any to suggest!

While it is going quite slowly, my intention for this series is still to slowly build toward the exposition of quantum field theory I wish I’d read many years ago, and this piece is one of the bricks in that wall. I’m a bit unsure of where I’ll go next. The last thing I think I’d really like to cover before diving into QFT proper is a discussion of how renormalization arises in statistical mechanics, but there are also a few topics — like general relativity for example — that are still very interesting despite not being part of this particular narrative thread. Feel free to reach out if there’s a topic (even one I haven’t listed, or even something that isn’t physics) that you’d like to see covered in this style.